Fluid Artist

Born in Hawaii but now based in the Forest Of Dean. Monique pours paint directly onto a substrate from cups, jugs and bowls and manipulates it with a variety of tools to create unique and sought after art. She has been a professional Artist for 5 years.



Art with a function

One Artisan was created by Stroud based artist, Darren Rumley.
After many years painting on canvas Darren decided to experiment working with concrete and thus One Artisan was born.
With a passion for sculptural pieces Darren wanted to create “art with a function”. Concrete is a very tactile material and when mixed with other organic products it provides the most wonderful, physical presence. It is not only beautiful and robust but is difficult to resist touching.



Gilding Artist

Danni specializes in the Ancient Art of Vérre - églomisé, the gilding of glass. Each piece of Danni’s work is hand painted onto the reverse of toughened glass with details added in inks, mica dust and luster, then gilded in Metal leaf, such as 24 Karat Gold, Silver or Copper. Each and every piece is an original & no two pieces are ever identical.



Contemporary Artist

Martin John Fowler is an artist working in the Yorkshire Lincolnshire Borders. Whilst traveling and recording the wild coastal areas from the Scottish isles to the hidden coves of Cornwall. He was born and brought up in the Mining towns of South Yorkshire. studied drawing and painting at Doncaster College of Art. Then studied Painting and Printmaking at Sheffield College of Art completing his BA(hons) in Fine Art. Martin has exhibited work nationally and internationally in solo, mixed exhibitions and competitions.  His Paintings, drawings and prints are held in many private collections.



Resin Artisan

My name is James Tappenden, I am 49 yrs old and live with my wife and our 3 adult children in Kent. I’ve been painting for the past 20 yrs. My passion and focus comes from my gorgeous family and the trials and tribulations that we face on a daily basis. I channel this into my art creating works of passion and wonder
Over that time I’ve used many different mediums from watercolors to spray paint art. I’m currently working with pouring art using acrylics and or resin. I love the freedom pour art gives. The boxes I paint on I make myself.



Contemporary Artist

I live beside the Malvern hills, but grew up in the Scottish Highlands, and once lived in the Hebrides, so hills and water predominate. I hadn’t lifted a paintbrush for almost three decades, until I signed up for the Access to Art course at Malvern School of Art in 2014, and I have painted full time ever since, exhibiting and selling in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Wales. I love colour, light and reflections and am drawn to moody skies and water.




Art has always been a refuge. As a child I filled sketch books with imagined heroes, courageous and powerful. The idea of the hero is still prominent in my work though with maturity, I  often subvert the concept to explore the rich and curious layers of the human psyche. I am fascinated by mamalian anatomy. Particularly the way evolution has pulled and pushed the same basic bones to achieve a range of extraordinary specificities. I'll often borrow from the animal kingdom to  emphasise a human trait. I like a piece to have a sense of narrative. Some of my pieces are best understood as frames from a movie story-board merged into a singular object.



Fine Art

Lyn gained her BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art in 1984 and having lived in Teddington for many years, she moved to Brighton in 2006. She finds inspiration in her immediate surroundings as well as places she visits in the UK and abroad. She spent most of her childhood in France and is particularly inspired by the art of Matisse, Vincent van Gogh and The Fauves. With vibrant colour and a strong rhythm of line, Lyn's art brings a unique warmth, intensity and humour to places and objects we all know.




Beach pottery is a small run pottery studio located on Shoreham Beach, West Sussex and was founded by local potter Sharon Gibson. Each piece is individually and lovingly crafted either on her potters wheel or by being hand built and fire in her kiln. Every glazing and firing process is voyage of discovery and forms the uniqueness of each piece. Sharon loves to experiment with clay types and glazing methods, obtaining her inspiration from her surroundings. The charm of the items created in that they are all utilitarian whilst being pieces of art.



Contemporary Artist

My work is essentially optimistic, whether I’m painting flowers or the sea, the emotions I aim to evoke are hope and happiness. The trees, big skies and hardy heathland flowers of the countryside around my home, and the sense of time and belonging that watching them through the seasons brings, are a huge inspiration. I try to capture a sense of air and movement as I paint. I originally trained as a designer (BA hons Fashion, Central St Martins 1993) and the influence of my love of textiles can be seen in my use of colour, texture and pattern.



Mixed Media 

On completing my degree in 1997 I followed a path into retail and used my flare for visual colour and design in visual merchandising and window dressing. After twelve years I realised how much I missed painting and the time in the studio.  Inspiration for me comes from the plants with their scent, a change in the weather or the seasons. I work to enhance the shapes and patterns through my use of texture and layering of paint. This difference in depth also helps to define the highlights and shadows of my chosen subject matter bringing the painting to life.



Contemporary Artist

Born in 1983, Mark Chadwick is a contemporary fine artist who lives and works in the United Kingdom. Chadwick studied Fine Art at Birmingham City University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 and Master of Arts in 2008. Specialising in abstract painting Chadwick’s work explores ideas surrounding authorship, process and chance encounters. In my current series of fluid paintings, the unique display of forms and colours are brought together by the artist’s hand but manipulated through the use of machines or natures forces.



Contemporary 3D Resin Artist

In finding my passion, I knew I wanted to create more contemporary pieces of art; truly original pieces that would bring a sense of beauty and intrigue to any wall space and whilst going through this time of experimentation and discovery, I came across the medium of resin. Having worked with glass previously, I found resin gave me a fluidity and flexibility that was missing with glass that I needed in order to achieve the desired look. Reflective and tactile 3D pieces that had previously inspired me and so I set about creating a style that not only satisfied me as an artist, but would hopefully satisfy others in such a way that they would invest in unique and original art pieces to make their wall spaces beautiful.



Mixed Media Artist

I have painted for twenty plus years. I paint in mixed media, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and watercolour ink. I have painted commissions and exhibit in exhibitions, selling locally and further afield.
I live in the lovely town of Ross on Wye, the gateway to the Golden valley which gives me inspiration for much my art as does journeying in France and Greece, where I am attracted to the beauty of colour - especially in springtime and the summer harvest time.
I paint mainly semi-representational contemporary work bringing out the vibrancy of colour in nature.



Landscape Artist

Paul Bennett specialises in original landscape and seascape paintings, abstract paintings and also contemporary portraiture paintings. The three styles are very different, but all strive to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation while leaving the subject open to interpretation. The seascape and landscapes paintings are created from memory, rather than referring to photography, resulting in more abstracted and expressive pieces rather than realistic representation. The portraiture has a different angle and the aim is to reinvent the mass produced and give it a more visceral interpretation



Gold leaf, wildlife & Tudor portrait artist

I am an internationally selling gold leaf, wildlife and tudor portrait artist. Living in Sir Frances Drakes house on the edge of the river Severn, I am surrounded by ancient woodland, dramatic estuaries,  and continuous wildlife inspiration. I hope that my paintings bring joy and a bright jewel like quality to your home. My art work has flown across the globe to Australia, Africa, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and most of Europe.  When I'm not painting you'll find me digging trenches for TV documentaries and geophysing with my partner a professor in archaeology. I try to follow the latest fashion to ensure that your purchase is bang on trend, interior design worthy and a joy to behold. 



Painting, Prints

Dirty Hans is an international self taught artist, originally from Liverpool, who’s artwork has been exhibited in Antwerp, Brussels, Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Miami, and has featured twice in the Daily Mirror, as well as appearing on Tele2 (French TV) with a mention in NYTimes.com. most recently having his work in the black coffee museum in mexico.
Dirty Hans directed his childhood hyperactive tendencies into creating art. However, it was after seeing some Roy Lichtensteins work that this artistic passions became more intense and driven, first with paintings and now moving into new media.




The impressive, inspiring beauty of a mature structured tree is strived for in the ancient art of bonsai, seeking to model these gigantic plants in miniature. I have long been facinated by the curating of a mature tree in miniature form and grew several bonsai trees myself not too long ago.The variety and beauty of trees has become the sole inspiration shaping my creative craft. Many mutations are produced by environmental influences on the same species of tree whether from prevailing winds, deep valleys, significant rainfall or heat from the sun. These forces control and shape the trees as they grow and mature into living monuments. Their ability to endure the tests of time and how they shape our environment is without doubt one of the most magnificent elements of our world. The majesty of trees will always serve to inspire myself both personally and creatively. I always aim to capture the splendour of nature. To represent the perfect imperfection of a tree. When I complete each sculpture I am urged to create another to try to mimic the beauty I see



Abstract Artist

Karen worked with her father as a sign painter and commercial artist producing bespoke signs and pictorial art in the traditional way until 2011 when she moved to Wiltshire to paint full time.

Wiltshire, with its open chalk hills and wide valleys covered with hardy grasslands, provided the unique landscape that inspired her. The occasional tree dotted on the horizon accentuates the clean line between the earth and the sky. The feeling of freedom and being on top of the world was her inspiration.



Acrylic Artist

Drawing inspiration from the world surrounding him, Hooper mainly focuses on nature and movement, such as birds in flight or marine creatures in water. With an aim to make people think about their surroundings, Hooper notes most people are alienated by phones and busy lives, however can still be transfixed by nature shows, such as David Attenborough documentaries. “We’re on Planet Earth and nature is all around us, we just don’t see it,” he explains. When creating his artwork, Hooper calls upon techniques from his construction background. By initially painting in blocks, he is able to slowly build layers up to add movement to the finished product. The end result, and the reaction from his audience, is what drives him to continue creating art.



Acrylic Artist

My Mother often tells me the story of when she would pick me up from school to find that I'd had an art lesson that day and whether she would like to take my masterpiece home.  Apparently she always knew which one was mine as it was layered thick with paint and would take days to dry. Funnily enough that is still the case thirty years later.
The magic of wildflowers and the kaleidoscopic beauty they offer is something that I find mesmerising. I fell in love with the freeness of  wildflowers because, no one has to plant them, and when their seeds blow in the wind they find a new place to grow and dance. I try to recreate this dance through the use of gold leaf in my work as it breathes life into each painting.



Acrylic artist 

I took up painting about 5yrs ago.i was inspired after buying my first piece of art for my 40th birthday. I work in water based oils and acrylics and pain from scenes I have photographed,landscapes I have seen and imagination.i have exhibited at Canwood art gallery,gallery 54 and made in the marches. I have also had some exhibitions in the local area.i believe art in all its forms is so important for the human soul.i also believe art should be affordable so that it can reach as many people as possible. I have undertaken commissioned pieces and often sold by word of mouth. Painting is a passion and a challenge all at once.




I was born in Poland and that’s where I received my basic art knowledge and skills. I’d been drawing since I can remember - spending days on the floor watching comic books and art albums. But my inspirations come from many other sources - summer sailing holidays in Poland, couture fashion world, heavy metal music and cruising on my harley in the summer rain, fantasy films and movie soundtracks, nature and adventures.My style was once described as “sexy surrealism” and I liked it - I guess this applies to my figurative oil paintings which mostly represent female figures in surreal surroundings - but what I treasure the most is my artistic freedom - some time ago I would paint pets and small animals, in the meantime would work on maritime and sailing scenes , portraits, ancient warriors series…. I never know what object or topic will re-ignite my passion for painting , and I like it that way!



Acrylic Artist

Daisy Clayton is a largely self taught, contemporary artist from Oxfordshire. Before pursuing her art professionally in 2019, she graduated from Queen Mary University London with a Masters Degree in psychology. Using her background in psychology, she built upon her previous skills as a painter by focusing her interest on how a painting can make someone feel and the emotions it may evoke. She paints with acrylics to depict a balance of calming tones and contrasting colours. Generally interpreting significant places, she uses texture and gold leaf to create depth, capturing the viewer by inducing memories, emotions and unique interpretation. Daisy is being represented at Fresh Art Fair in April 2021. Her art features on the Artistic Impressions page of Conde Nast’s design and decoration magazine The World of InteriorsSeptember and October 2020 issues and the January/February 2021 double edition of GQ magazine



Acrylic Artist

Ben was born in 1985 and lived in Peterborough for most of his civilian life. He joined the Army at the age of 16 and served in 29 Commando Regiment as a Bombardier. After leaving the Army, Ben worked as a builder and carpenter.

In February 2017, during a trip to the Lake District, Ben could not afford a painting he loved in a local gallery so on his return, he decided to paint one for himself. This sparked his passion and desire to paint. Being self-taught, and now venturing into art full-time, he is greatly appreciative of his supportive family.

Ben has discovered his artistic flair and is embracing this new chapter of his life with excitement, enthusiasm and dedication.




It is his passion for football, iconic music, racing cars, pop art and designer trainers that influence his original mosaics. His sculptures and wall art have quickly become a hit with collectors in the UK and across the world. These incredible works of art have the most fascinating attention to detail, discipline and patience. The artist is not satisfied with the sculpture until he would display it in his own home. Each stage requires intricacy and time, from the initial idea to the completion of the sculpture, O’Brien becomes enamoured with every stage.


Every mosaic is original and unique. Adding a designer touch to the world of wall art and sculpture creation, O’Brien’s work is topical and modern, encapsulating the latest trends alongside classics.



Oil artist 

I studied furniture design at Loughborough and left with a degree in 3 dimensional design and, armed with that piece of paper, started work as a furniture designer in Tring Hertfordshire. I then moved on to becoming an interior designer before starting my own company designing and making all types of office furniture. I was lucky enough to acquire a patent on one of these designs, which then lead me in lots of directions visiting many countries around the world. I mainly paint in oils and although I like to paint all sorts of subjects from landscapes to African wildlife it is mainly horses that capture my attention with their grace, power, speed, gentleness and more besides.



Mixed media

Weekends as a child for #Onelife183 was spent with his grandfather who himself was a keen artist and became an inspiration for #OneLife183 in his early years. As a teenager, experimenting in street art carved out a foreseeable path and put him on the journey which he is now on, using these early life experiences to create the digital artwork you see today. #OneLife138 is known for his distinctive pop paintings, each one featuring his trademark spray cans(can you spot them?) Using complex collage techniques, each piece is a dynamic creation of mash up pop culture which work to critique the banal and the mundane. His artwork challenges mainstream media values and inspires a sense of freedom in life.




Starting with exhibitions of animals and flowers at the age of sixteen I have expanded my repertoire to include landscapes and country scenes, harbours, twilight and moon light scenes and even space and galaxy paintings. Ever conscious of those who like and buy my work, and delivering true value to them, I have not succumbed to the temptations of limited editions or mass market prints. Each picture I paint is an original with no one painting being the same as another.



Oil Artist

After studying for a BA Hons in Textile Design at Loughborough, Ann has had a mixed and varied career that has always revolved around art in some way.  A significant part of this has been teaching Art & Design at secondary level.

Ann has always maintained a personal interest in art and has continued to develop her technical skills with a variety of media.  Now that her children have grown up, she is enjoying the opportunity to pursue her work further.  The pieces Ann produces are a combination of her fascination with colour and composition, as well as the appeal of representational drawing of a range of subjects and themes.



Mixed Media Artist 

In love with art from an early age, 21-year-old Emily Peace found herself gravitated towards a pen, paintbrush and, sketchbook. Growing up she has been surrounded by professional artists, who she is lucky to call her family. As the years went on she excelled in art at school and later bought her skill into adult life and became the professional artist she is today. Emily is based in London but has paintings that have sold worldwide, including portraits, animals and, her well-known glass series. 



Mixed media artist 

Kerry Darlington was born in 1974 in Rhyl, North Wales.

She was inspired by magical fairy tale picture books and stories during her childhood, and held a particular fascination for Arthur Rackham's intricate pen and ink work. This influenced her to take a degree in Illustration, with intentions of becoming a children's book Illustrator. During this period she discovered the Pre-Raphaelite artists and Art Nouveau. She found this work so hauntingly beautiful that it captivated her completely and it still has a profound effect on her own art. 

In the years that followed, Kerry began to build a reputation for her original, decorative designs using 3D elements and resin which became hugely popular, focusing primarily on trees and nature. Inspiration for these was taken from the Art Nouveau period, particulary Klimt’s infamous ‘Tree of Life’. Today, she continues to paint themes of myth and legend, poetry and stories.




My butterfly collection is a range of work which was conceived at a time in my life when the fragile and temporal nature of the species resonated strongly with me. As this series has developed I have discovered that however personal and exclusive many of my own experiences may seem my, emotional response to situations is shared. Much of this work explores the journey of a fragile physical and emotional being in a beautiful, but often complex and overwhelming world.



Acrylic Artist

featuring subjects as diverse as wildlife and aircraft, he often returns to the theme of the railways, especially around Ross.

As a child Jeremy frequently used the local railways and his love of the local area, and the beautiful lines around Ross, are evident in his latest work. Jeremys collection focus’s on wildlife that he paints from his own photographs. 



Acrylic Artist

British Artist Simon Wright was born in Yorkshire in 1974. Fuelled with the passion of creating art his entire life, Wright started his artistic career with a degree in illustration. Enjoying working as a professional illustrator, Simon relished being able to earn a living from his talent. Not quite content with the precise controlled style of painting this work demanded, he began to develop a much looser spontaneous style. In the same way the 20th century impressionists allowed colour to form the structure of their art Simon began to revisit famous urban landscapes in an entirely new way. Without any technical restraints Simon began to forge landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Westminster from just the layering of shadows with colour. Utilising just a few tones Simon would create the impressionistic scene before ‘dribbling’ on the thick structure of the painting. From this point he describes a battle between the layered shadows and the raised structural lines for dominance:



Acrylic Artist

Born in 1952 Allan Morgan and is a full time artist living on the border of Herefordshire and Powys. He studied at Swansea Art College before graduating with a degree in Fine Art from Coventry University. He began his career as an illustrator inn publishing, however, his professional career has focused mainly on landscape painting, 

The basis of his inspiration is in the light, colour and atmosphere of landscape and nature.

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